Tru-Fit Stone Veneer Tru-Fit Stone Veneer Tru-Fit Coastal Dune
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Tru-Fit with Tight Seam Technology

Our Tru-Fit stone is designed to help home and business owners save time and money on installation costs without sacrificing quality. Unlike classic stone veneer that is installed one stone at a time, our Tru-Fit stone comes in puzzle-like pieces that contain multiple stones. This allows installers to place multiple pieces of stone at once, making our Tru-Fit stone installation quick and easy.


Flat panel dimensions 8” Height, 28” Length | Corner piece dimensions Short Piece: 8” Height, 8” Length Long Piece: 8” Height, 20” Length | Finished end piece dimensions Short Piece: 8” Height, 10” Length Long Piece: 8” Height, 18” Length

Tru-Fit Stone Veneer
Tru-Fit Arcadia
Tru-Fit Stone Veneer
Tru-Fit Charcoal Gray
Tru-Fit Coastal Dune
Tru-Fit Coastal Dune
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